About Us

Our Vision:
“We will grow our community by creating and sustaining a community garden to nourish the body, to nurture the spirit and to encourage learning.”

Our Mission:
"To create an opportunity to grow food for area residents and local food banks, to cultivate community interaction and fun across all ages, cultures and income levels, to provide a learning environment for organic sustainable growing practices, and to beautify Lilburn.

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The History of the Lilburn Community Garden

As part of the vision to promote downtown Lilburn as a place to bring people together, Lilburn Mayor, Johnny Crist, put out a call to the entire Lilburn community in May of 2012 asking for volunteers to work on creating a community garden.

Over the course of many months, volunteers helped plan and design a garden. In addition, a formal organization, Lilburn Community Garden Inc., was formed. A Board of Directors was appointed to oversee activities of the garden and to provide future direction for the organization. And the City of Lilburn was gracious enough to offer a piece of property for the garden.

Board of Directors & Advisors 
(from left)
Alison Turner, Jeremy Myers, Angie Ballard, Virgil Ponzoli, Diane DePina, Teresa Czyz, Peggy Bergman, and Lilburn Mayor, Johnny Crist.  Mandy McManus (absent)

 Garden Plan

Future Site

The garden design was done by Linda Lurig from Columbia Engineering.  Their expertise was essential in creating a garden that efficiently uses the space for everything that is planned for the garden.  The design also took into account the trajectory of the sun, which is why the beds will be laid out in a diagonal pattern.   
Through the generous services and equipment volunteered by Jeremy Myers, owner of Metro Maintenance Group, Inc. (MMG), LCG began Phase 1 on Saturday, March 23. Fresh dirt was spread and leveld across the area for the garden beds.

Once the construction was underway, the rental applications flooded in and we are proud to announce that all 27 garden beds in Phase I have been rented!

The following weeks were devoted to activities related to getting wood, soil and having the garden beds framed.    



On April 6th, 2013, Jeremy and his team laid out and secured the garden beds at the site.  The following Saturday a group of volunteers and men from MMG started the difficult process of filling all 27 garden beds with a mix of rich, organic composted soil and typical "Georgia" red clay soil. The bed frames were lined to prevent seepage of dirt. And then with wheel barrows and shovels the beds were slowly filled. The effort took about 3 hours to complete. 

The "Grand Opening"
Saturday April 20th, 2013

On a beautiful Saturday in April, the Lilburn Community Garden was officially opened!
Approximately 75 people attended the opening event.
  Dignitaries included Lynette Howard, County Commissioner, Mayor Johnny Crist of Lilburn, Gerald McDowell, Lilburn CID Director, Tim Dunn, Lilburn City Council, Doug Stack, City of Lilburn Director of Economic Development and Planning, Lilburn Police Chief, Bruce Hedley and John Wayne Jones, Asst. VP of BB&T Banking and Trust.  Many LCG garden plot renters also attended and brought their plants, shovels, and sunny smiles to begin the task of bringing the garden to life. 

Mayor Johnny Crist offered an invocation and talked about his vision for bringing a garden to Lilburn.  Peggy Bergman, President of the LCG Board, offered thanks to everyone who volunteered their time, skills and effort to bring the garden to fruition.  Peggy pointed out a few people whose help was essential to the garden.  She thanked friends from Columbia Engineering, Duluth, GA, who volunteered their time and talents to design a garden that would meet environmental regulations, city and county codes, but most especially, the needs of the citizens of Lilburn.  She offered huge thanks to Jeremy Myers, owner of Metro Maintenance Group, Inc., who donated equipment, time and manpower to help build the garden.  MMG voluntarily undertook the tasks of preparing the garden area, getting materials and soil, framing the cedar beds, laying the beds, and on Saturday, April 13, was joined by other volunteers to finally fill the beds.  And final thanks went to the City of Lilburn and Lilburn City Council members who offered the piece of property and continued support for the garden.

When the speeches ended, six LCG board members, along with Mayor Johnny Crist and Jeremy Myers officially cut the Ribbon to open the garden. 

And the planting began!

  Summer 2013

The garden beds were planted and tended throughout the season. The veggies and flowers were a delightful mix. Each glance in the garden brought another surprise. The Board of Directors were busy putting together Phase II of the garden.  Plans were developed for additional gardens.  Local Eagle Scout Candidates offered their services and a gracious donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, offered the garden apple trees, blackberry bushes and raspberry bushes.  Summer 2013 was a time filled with planning, tending and growing.  

Fall 2013

The first harvest came in.  Members of the garden celebrated with a scarecrow contest.  And boy, did their creativity and enthusiasm come through!  We're not sure if the scarecrows scared any crows, but they certianly did add a lot of color and whimsy to the garden!

A local Eagle Scout Candidate, Brendon Buckley, built five new garden benches to have a place to sit, take a break, and enjoy the company of their fellow gardners.


Another local Eagle Scout Candidate, Jacob Roberson, toiled in the dirt and created a pollinator garden that beautifies the garden, while also providing a much appreciated benefit.

The donated apple trees were planted.  Meanwhile....the Board of Directors was staying busy....finding another Eagle Scout Candidate to build additional beds, tending to becoming established as a non-profit, and planning what was next.  Jeremy Myers owner of MMG landscaping and the Lilburn Community Garden's "Best Friend" became a new daddy!  No doubt his little girl will be playing in the dirt in no time!

Winter 2013/2014

It was a very busy year, but a very successful one as well!  Winter was a time for renewal and gave everyone a chance to quickly catch their breath in preparation for the year ahead.  Expansion of the garden began, which included 25 new garden beds, making plans for a wonderful "surprise" for 2014 and creating more garden areas.  The Lilburn Woman's Club offered to sponsor, plant and maintain an "Herb Garden".     

Jeremy Myers continued his generosity to the garden and allowed another local Eagle Scout Candidate, Adam Steinberg, to use his place of business to build new beds. Over the course of a few months the beds were built and readied for installation. Everyone was recharged and ready for another "Growing Season" in the garden.

Spring 2014
After a bitter and snowy winter, everyone was ready to go.  Once spring hit.....
everyone came to the garden and started to prepare for the upcoming year.

 The Lilburn Woman's Club wasted no time in planting an Herb Garden.

Virgil Ponzoli worked with Mr. Edward Sezonov and the City of Lilburn to bring an active beehive to the garden.

Mandy McManus was busy renting beds and helping new members get set up.  Diana Depina (DD) was setting up garden lectures as part of our educational program.  The garden found a new volunteer social director, member Diane Pruitt.   

Spring was also the time for members to pitch in and help with garden maintenance and improvement. A work day was held on April 12th. Adam, along with help from his Boy Scout Troop, the garden's "Best Friend", Jeremy Myers, and his crew from MMG installed and filled the new beds. Other members spent time laying gravel in the pathways.

Donated blackberry bushes were planted......

Raspberry bushes too!  And sponsor plaques were placed on beds.

It was a very hectic and tiring work day! But as always......worth the effort!


An "Expansion Celebration" was held at the garden on April 26th,2014 to celebrate the growth of the  Lilburn Community Garden.  Many of those that attended began work on their gardens for the summer season. LCG President Peggy Bergman thanked everyone who made an impact to the garden last year and acknowledged the garden sponsors who provided the much needed capital to keep the garden moving forward. 

Preparations for the Lilburn Woman's Club tour of Lilburn Gardens shifted into high gear in May.  A huge bare area at the front of the garden was an eyesore.  Angie Ballard and Teresa Czyz spent one morning tilling and adding soil to the area.  Alison Turner brought 60 lantana plants to help fill the area.  A rose bush, some zinnias and the lantas were planted.  Preparations for the tour continued in May as gardens were weeded, mulch laid and plants were staked. 

Our "Wonderful Suprise" came to fruition when beekeeper, Mr. Edward Sezonov installed a beehive in our garden!  We are very proud to have such a unique and beneficial item as part of the Lilburn Community Garden!

"Beatifying" the garden continued as Angie continied her effort to fill the new flower bed with more flowers and by the first week in June, it was in full bloom! Just in time for the tour. 

Then.....out of the blue, Hugh Wilkerson, a garden renter, received a call about someone who wanted to donate a gazebo to the garden.  He contacted Mayor Crist and things were set into motion.  We were flabbergasted as we weren't quite prepared for a gazebo so soon, as we were making plans for one in 2015.  The hardest part was moving the gazebo from a property on Five Forks Trickem to the garden.  Once again, the garden's best friend, Jeremy Myers of MMG, took the lead for the relocation.  He enlisted the help of Andrew Thomas from All Peachtree Towing in Lilburn.  Andrew provided the trailer and truck needed to move the gazebo.  Watch a video of the incredible relocation!  Click Here

The members of the Board of Directors would like to acknowledge this generous donation that was made  "In Loving Memory of Jetha Brooks" by her neice. 
We also thank Jeremy and Andrew for their time, equipment and dedication to helping us achieving this goal for our garden.

Gazebo at the Brook's property

At its new home in the
 Lilburn Community Garden

And we completed one more project, the installation of a garden kiosk.

We were ready for our very first Lilburn Woman's Club Garden Tour.

The Garden Tour - June 7, 2014

The tour took place on a bright, beautiful and very hot day!  We were excited to pass out information and talk about the garden.  Over 50 people came to visit as part of the tour and we were very proud of the appearance of the garden.  We received many compliments and some folks were in disbelief that this was only our second year.  They were impressed with the veggy beds and how well everything was growing.  Others talked about the flower and herb gardens....one little girl said the beehive was "cool".  (PS....We think so too!)  People stopped to read information in the kiosk and some took advantage of the shade and sat inside Gazebo to rest for a while.  It was a very fulfilling and rewarding day for the members of the board.  We thank the Lilburn Woman's Club for including us as part of their tour and for giving us a chance to "show off" for the community! 

The 4th of July

"Oh say can you see....." that our Social Director, Diane Pruitt, got into the "Patriotic Spirit" and decorated our gazebo and garden to celebrate Independence Day, 2014.  Thanks Diane.

Harvest Time

It was another fruitful year in the garden.  A warm and wet summer produced a lot of zucchini, squash, tomatoes, melons, potatoes, beans, and so on....  Our gardners not only took produce home for themselves, but were also able to share with others.  Our favorite instructor, Tony Gobert, gave a lecture on garden bugs in July.  He took us around the garden and pointed out the differences between good and bad bugs.  It was very enlightening.  While looking at Mandy McManus's bed we found a Preying Mantis, a good and beneficial bug.  Tony told us that was a good sign that the garden is healthy and attracting the right kind of insects.  By September, most of the renters were clearing, cleaning and preparing their beds for fall planting.

Fall 2014

On Saturday, October 4th, we held our second annual scarecrow decorating day.    There was quite a variety of scarecrows this year and they really dressed up the garden!  While many came out to decorate scarecrows, others came out to also do  fall planting.  Check out the creativity of our gardeners.


Winter 2014/2015

Winter was quiet in the garden.  Some folks planted cold weather crops such as broccoli, kale, and lettuce.  We attempted to decorate the garden and gazebo with lights, but some people decided to remove a 100 ft cord and timer and then unplug the other.  Being that not many of us ventured out in the evening, we didn't realize our lights weren't working.  The Board was busy moving forward with plans for the spring and near future expansion.  We were invited to once again participate in the Lilburn Woman's Club tour in in May and were also asked to participate in the Gwinnett County Master Gardner's tour, also in May.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to show off!

More good news as the Lilburn Community Garden attained 501c3 non-profit status!  

Spring 2015

Bad news started off our spring, the beehive was stolen.  It is very disheartening and disappointing to think that people could be so mean and disrespectful.  We were so looking forward to seeing the honey produced.  The board is working to see if we can once again try to install a beehive, but this time with security as a priority!

On April 11th, the LCG held it's Opening Day with a garden lecture and clean up.  People who attended, cleaned up their beds and planted, weeded around the garden and help clear brush from the front of the garden.  Refreshments were available and several people brought seeds to exchange.
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